Blog Refresh

Hi there! My name is Terry Parenzee. That’s me up there taking a photo with an old camera of pretty flowers I arranged.  I’m the owner of Ribbon Creative Studio  – we offer the services of stationery design, floral design and décor styling.

I originally created this blog in 2011 to share my planning experiences as a bride-to-be as well as share the work I was creating in the business. Being a part of the industry makes me wide-eyed and bushy tailed for all of the bits and pieces that make for these memorable days. Having been a part of the wedding industry for over 5 years,I have developed a perspective on styling, design, planning, trends and toils… what I like to call wedding woohoo. My blog has continued to be a place to showcase the studio’s work but also to share my finds and fascinations from a creator’s perspective.

Being kept so busy in the business, it’s hard to find the time to keep an updated blog. As part of my effort to do more regular entries, I refreshed the design of the site in the hope that it will inspire me (and of course, you!) to visit it more! Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of the new look.

Friday’s Secret: Paint Swatch

I’m very excited about today’s post. Why? Today is the first of many secrets revealed! Every Friday I’ll be posting a wedding secret. Nothing scandalous or jaw-dropping…I won’t be letting the cat out the bag on the latest Kardashian wedding! Having been recently wed I’m feeling rather wise on the ins and outs of wedding planning. I’ve decided to very generously share my experiences with all the bride-to-be’s out there so that you too can benefit from these simple but handy tricks.

So today’s secret was actually inspired by my sister-in-law, Raine. At the end of a shopping trip at Builder’s Warehouse she hopped into the car with a stack of paint swatches – she’s obsessed with the colour purple and had collected all the purple swatches. I browsed through them to look for the purple I planned to use for our wedding. This sparked the idea of getting all the colours I wanted for the wedding in the form of paint swatches. I had quite specific colour choices – navy blue, plumish-purple and a pale sage. The modern bride no longer goes with generic primary colour choices. The clients that come to me always refer to a “pale yellow, cherise pink or dove grey” – we have become fussy and specific in our colour choices.

So my tip for the newly engaged or even “half-way-through planning” engageés is to go to your local hardware or paint shop and grab a few of the colour swatches that you have in mind. Then go home, compare them and cut out the ones you’re sure are the closest to the colours you want. Stick each one onto a long-ish piece of card and Voila! – you have your own wedding swatch!

Now stick this in that little Wedding bookie you carry around with you (every bride should have one) and it’ll always be handy for you to refer to. As you can see in the picture, mine is quite worn around the edges. I whipped it out on countless occasions – at the venue, at the material shop, with the cake-maker, you name it!