The Cowshed

Two Friday’s ago my usual workspace view was replaced by blazing grassy farmland and distant tumbling hills of Lydenburg. One of my closest friends hosted her merry nuptials at The Cowshed and I had the honour of creating her floral features.

The Cowshed by Lad&Lass Photography

The Cowshed by Lad&Lass Photography

We arrived late morning the day before the wedding to get stuck into work early and were greeted by the friendly coordinators Ann and Diana who were busy preparing the famous shed. It was a dry, hot day but Tammy the bartender kept us (and the flowers!) going with jugs of iced water.

Bride and groom with nguni cattle by Lad&Lass Photography

Bride and groom with nguni cattle by Lad&Lass Photography

If you’re looking for a farm style wedding that’s out of the Gauteng cities, (but not impossibly far) the Cowshed is one of your best options. The surrounding landscapes are magnificent and the venue is simple but filled with charm and personality. The shed, where the reception is held is the perfect rustic canvas for brides to continue with farm-style decor or glam it up with modern chic styling.  Earlier in the year, the construction of an open-sided chapel was completed. The style of the chapel matches perfectly with rust red of the corrugated iron shed and has an unspoilt view onto the mountains.

Exterior of the cowshed and new chapel. Photos by The Cowshed

Exterior of the cowshed and new chapel. Photos by The Cowshed

The Cowshed_Aerial view. Photo by Laurence Seberini

The Cowshed Aerial view. Photo by Laurence Seberini

My favourite aspect of the venue is the accommodation set-up. Hosting a wedding out of town allows for making a weekend out of the event. The farm has three main accommodation houses – perfect to set-up the groom and his entourage in one house and the bride and her crew in another. The houses have fully equipped kitchens, lounge and dining areas as well as large patios and boma areas. You have the option of doing your own catering for your stay so get the groomsmen stuck into braai-ing the night before and the favourite aunties to cook up a breakfast the next morning in the farm-style kitchen. My husband and I stayed in the boarding house with the bride and her family – chats at the breakfast table and being around while the bride had her make-up done on the patio really added to our memory of the wedding.

Cowshed Accommodation, Photos by Terry Parenzee

Cowshed Accommodation. Photos by Terry Parenzee

Keep a look out for my follow up post with some professional photos of the wedding and the beautiful flowers we did for the day!

Peonies please!

Peonies are a big favourite for weddings. Unfortunately their window of availability is very short – a month, maybe two. In South Africa they are usually available from around mid October to mid November.

Andrea was fortunate enough to get married in this short period of the year. Peonies are in fact her favourite flower so perhaps this is why she chose to get married at this time. We were able to create soft and romantic blush and white arrangements for her and the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

The Blushing Brides in the bridesmaid’s bouquets and boutonnieres blended beautifully with the colour of the Peonies. Her colour scheme for the reception was coral, pink, yellow and green – the team put together 100 jars of arrangements which formed the table decor.

Pink and white peonies and blushing bride boutonnieres

Pink and white peonies and blushing bride boutonnieres

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Spring Blooms

“Came the spring with all its splendor, all its birds and all its blossoms, all its flowers and leaves and grasses.” ~ Longfellow

Spring is in full bloom in Gauteng, South Africa and although we’re still waiting for a good shower of rain, the Spring flowers are popping up in every tree, every garden and more importantly, the cut flower markets! Spring also marks the beginning of Wedding Season and for those of you fortunate enough to be wed in this splendid season, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to decorating your day with flowers.

Here are a few of our favourite flowers that are only available in Spring:


Photo credit :

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Lauren and Kyle : Mosaic Merriment

I’ve never been quite as excited as I am to post this feature today. Lauren and Kyle Tee got married over the long weekend in September and Ribbon was fortunate to not only be involved with the stationery but the flowers and decor too!

The reception took place at Tony’s Fully Furnished Pizza Co in Pretoria – and it was from this unique venue that all the inspiration came. The venue’s main decor element is mosaic and so the theme was continued into the wedding’s stationery and decor. Lauren’s colour preferences were a tall order of green, blue, brown and yellow – any wedding planner’s colour scheme nightmare! Fortunately because of the mosaic theme, we were able to create an aesthetic blend of specific tones of the colours. A Moroccan touch was added with ornate lanterns as centre pieces as well as a Secret Garden feel with plenty of greenery and twinkling yellow lights. Thanks to 5 Talents Photography for the beautiful photos as well as a few from Murasaki-Ame Photography.

All-green orchid bridal bouquet and pale yellow tulip bridesmaid bouquets – Ribbon Weddings. Beautiful bridesmaid dresses by dressmaker, Anke Boersema.

Orchid boutonnieres – Ribbon Weddings with special thanks to Anelle le Roux.

Christ Church, Arcadia – flowers by Ribbon Weddings

Many thanks to all the girls who helped weave that ribbon and set up on the day. DIY coffee filter roses laboriously made by the bride.

Lanterns hired from The Decor Hire Company. Vases and runners from Nici’s Decor Hire. Flowers – Ribbon Weddings.

Invitation, menu and place card – Ribbon Weddings. Mosaic coasters made by the parents of the bride. Custom Thank You stamp for coasters – Ribbon Weddings.

Custom seating plan – Ribbon Weddings. Mosaic table numbers made by the father of the bride. Hanging votives hired from Moi Decor.

Beautifully lit photography by 5 Talents Photography.

The suppliers for this wedding are as follows:

Photography: 5 Talents Photography
Reception: Tony’s Fully Furnished Pizza Co.
Ceremony: Christ Church, Arcadia
Bride’s Dress: Olivelli                  

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Anke Boersema
Stationery: Ribbon Wedding Stationery
Flowers and Decor: Ribbon Weddings
Decor Hire: Moi Decor; Nici’s Decor Hire ; The Decor Hire Company

Flowers: Lisianthus

It’s the season of Summer and there are loads of flowers out in full bloom! This past Saturday I took a brave, early morning visit to the Multiflora Market in Turffontein, Johannesburg. A few months ago I made a great find at our local florist – lisianthus, so I was once again out to see if they’d be available at the market for my wedding in February.

Lisianthus or ‘Lizzy’s’ are a great alternative to roses which are very pricey and seen so many times before. I’m a big fan of Peonies – but sadly if you’re living in South Africa, they’re only available for a very short time in October/November. Lisianthus have a similar feel to Poenies – not as full petal-ed but soft and romantic like their sister Peonies in the rose family.

Lisianthus come mainly in white but also a deep purple and some beautiful pastel colours. One of my favourite things about them is actually the closed buds, they’re soft and beautiful and add so much character to a bouquet. Lisianthus are available all year round and go for around R40 a bunch.