Flowers: Lisianthus

It’s the season of Summer and there are loads of flowers out in full bloom! This past Saturday I took a brave, early morning visit to the Multiflora Market in Turffontein, Johannesburg. A few months ago I made a great find at our local florist – lisianthus, so I was once again out to see if they’d be available at the market for my wedding in February.

Lisianthus or ‘Lizzy’s’ are a great alternative to roses which are very pricey and seen so many times before. I’m a big fan of Peonies – but sadly if you’re living in South Africa, they’re only available for a very short time in October/November. Lisianthus have a similar feel to Poenies – not as full petal-ed but soft and romantic like their sister Peonies in the rose family.

Lisianthus come mainly in white but also a deep purple and some beautiful pastel colours. One of my favourite things about them is actually the closed buds, they’re soft and beautiful and add so much character to a bouquet. Lisianthus are available all year round and go for around R40 a bunch.