Honeymoon Bliss: Porcupine Pie Boutique Hotel

My newly acquired (wink, wink) husband and I just returned from a blissful honeymoon at Porcupine Pie Boutique Hotel in the Wilderness, Western Cape. For those of you who think a tropical island is the only way to go when it comes to honeymooning, consider the advantages of a local honeymoon after a possibly stressful few months of wedding planning. Our surroundings were breathtaking and I often felt as I was in fact in Switzerland or another foreign country.

Wilderness, to me is the gem of the Western Cape with un-spoilt beaches, magnificent mountains and lush forest – you don’t get a better combo.

Don’t be scared off by the name…No Porcupine pie was consumed, only delicious food prepared by the lodge’s own chef as well as eats from local palate-pleasing restaurants. The owners of Porcupine Pie, John and Judy were warm and welcoming hosts – an inviting change from your more commercial, large-scale hotels.