Go bold – Go Gold!

In celebration of Cameron van der Burgh’s gold medal yesterday, Ribbon put together a Gold inspiration board.

Photo credit: Style me Pretty

A gold wedding can be one of two things: incredibly tacky or wonderfully elegant. We suggest opting for a softer tone of gold and using pops of the colour. Combining the gold with a secondary colour is also a must, even if it’s a white or cream; this will be much easier on the eye and will create a warm flow of colour. Also avoid adding decor or other items to your wedding day just because they’re gold – you don’t want the reception hall looking like Scrooge McDuck’s money vault!


Wedding Stationery: Protea Invitations

I created these natural, eco inspired invitations for Mandy who is getting married in July. I came up with a simplified protea design to use as a ‘window’ on the cover. The natural cover paper was laser cut to reveal the gorgeous pastel colours of the protea.

The invitation page was printed on transparent paper to give it a soft, translucent feel. If held up to the light, the colours shine through magnificently.The booklet-type invitation had a kind of seam down the side with a mint green lace to finish it off.

Looking forward to using these colours and the protea motif again for the Mandy’s on-the-day wedding stationery!

Autumn Inspiration

Photo credits: www.stylemepretty.com and www.theknot.com

Those of you in South Africa will probably be starting to feel the early morning and evening chill in the air. It’s almost April and Autumn is round the corner. So in celebration of my favourite season, I’ve put together this Autumn wedding collage. Deep reds, mauve, orange, yellow, brown, gold, bronze and still a touch of green – these are the colours that make for the calm beauty and serenity of Autumn.

Colours: Wedding Stationery

I’m busy working on invites for a bride’s wedding in July. These are the colours I’m using to create her protea motif. The freshness of these colours is really going to bring a touch of bright vivacity to a dull winter morning. The crisp greens and blues from light sage, grass green and mint to aqua and sky blue blend so well together. They flow beautifully into each other instead of creating a muddy rainbow mess!

Friday’s Secret: Paint Swatch

I’m very excited about today’s post. Why? Today is the first of many secrets revealed! Every Friday I’ll be posting a wedding secret. Nothing scandalous or jaw-dropping…I won’t be letting the cat out the bag on the latest Kardashian wedding! Having been recently wed I’m feeling rather wise on the ins and outs of wedding planning. I’ve decided to very generously share my experiences with all the bride-to-be’s out there so that you too can benefit from these simple but handy tricks.

So today’s secret was actually inspired by my sister-in-law, Raine. At the end of a shopping trip at Builder’s Warehouse she hopped into the car with a stack of paint swatches – she’s obsessed with the colour purple and had collected all the purple swatches. I browsed through them to look for the purple I planned to use for our wedding. This sparked the idea of getting all the colours I wanted for the wedding in the form of paint swatches. I had quite specific colour choices – navy blue, plumish-purple and a pale sage. The modern bride no longer goes with generic primary colour choices. The clients that come to me always refer to a “pale yellow, cherise pink or dove grey” – we have become fussy and specific in our colour choices.

So my tip for the newly engaged or even “half-way-through planning” engageés is to go to your local hardware or paint shop and grab a few of the colour swatches that you have in mind. Then go home, compare them and cut out the ones you’re sure are the closest to the colours you want. Stick each one onto a long-ish piece of card and Voila! – you have your own wedding swatch!

Now stick this in that little Wedding bookie you carry around with you (every bride should have one) and it’ll always be handy for you to refer to. As you can see in the picture, mine is quite worn around the edges. I whipped it out on countless occasions – at the venue, at the material shop, with the cake-maker, you name it!

Shoes: Navy Blue Wedding Shoes

Photographs by Laura Jane Photography

Photographs by Laura Jane Photography

In September I entered a post about my Anella Wedding shoes and my plan to dye them navy blue. I also promised to post a pic…well here it is! As I mentioned before, finding a pair of navy blue shoes, never mind a pretty and comfortable shoe proved to be quite a challenge. I ended up buying a gorgeous pair of white satin Anella shoes and had them dyed navy blue.

My marvelous bridesmaid had them dyed at a shoe repair store called Durasole, in Wynberg, Cape Town. Apparently they can match a dye perfectly to the swatch colour you provide and will do a tester on a similar material before you “dye-ve” in.

In Studio: Ribbon’s own ‘Save-the-date’

A ‘Save-the-date’ for your wedding is an important part of organising the big day. Although I’m very late in posting this on the blog, it should be sent out to your guests at least 6 months before the time. For guests that will be travelling from overseas or even from other cities, it gives them enough time to consider their plans. It also acts as a security blanket for the possible delay of your invitations – if the invites take longer than you’d expected at least your guests are already aware of the date they need to save.

I also decided to include a link to an online RSVP form with our Save-the-date. The Save-the-date image was sent as an email attachment and the link to the RSVP form was included in the content or email note. Guests could follow the link and fill in “Yes, I’ll definitely be there”, “I am not sure yet” or “Sorry, I won’t make it”. The guests were also required to fill in their Postal Address.

This RSVP system worked wonders – I was already able to get an idea of numbers and planned only to send invites to those who were definitely or possibly attending. This is a great way to save costs on your invitations. It also made the admin of getting everyone’s postal addresses that much easier!

Colour: Textile inspired

If you’re having trouble choosing your wedding colours, take a look at some patterns, wallpapers and textiles. I found this floral textile design with a soft and romantic colour palate. These colours aren’t typical so if you’re going to go for something different for your wedding, I’d suggest choosing only one ‘difficult to find’ colour and choosing more common ones for the rest. Then use this ‘tricky’ colour in the things you are likely to acquire that specific tone in, such as in your invitations or bridesmaid dresses.