Friday’s Secret: Wedding Photography – Quality vs Quantity

Photo by Raine Parenzee

Photo by Raine Parenzee

Most brides will agree that a good photographer is one of the most important things for their wedding day. It’s the one thing that’s left to oogle at when it’s all over. You want those memories to be captured perfectly and be a true representative of how you looked and how the day felt.

Choosing the right photographer is not an easy task – there are many of chancers out there who haven’t got the experience in wedding photographer or simply don’t have that ‘special something’ in the images they create.

Now the problem comes in when brides think: great photographer equals great deal of money. This is not true! Yes, a good photographer will probably be pricier than your cousin who has a nice camera and had a few classes in photography (shudder); but if you go for the right package with the great photographer you’ll get awesome photos at a reasonable price.

So my secret revealed today is: find a great photographer and pick the smallest package. Most photographers offer different packages which cover a certain time period. I opted for a 5 hour package and in this time the photographer (Laura Jane) was able to cover an array of scenes, from the getting ready to the early reception guest shots. She gave us over 800 photos – more than enough to make an album from. If you’re on a tight budget, rather have the photographer there till reception than have an average photographer for the whole night. You can always ask friends and family to take pictures during reception.

Many brides are also fooled by the extras – “2 specially designed albums” or “100 edited, printed photos”. These things are great but that expense can be saved for a later day when money isn’t tight because of all the expenses of your big day. Take the package where the photographer just gives you a dvd with the photos – you can look into the printing later when you and your parent’s wallets have recovered from wedding shock!

Laura Jane Photography


One thought on “Friday’s Secret: Wedding Photography – Quality vs Quantity

  1. Having just got married myself – I agree. This is excellent advice and not something most brides would consider! The reception is usually more casual and the photographs, even though taken by a professional, just tend to look ‘messier’; choosing a really good photographer that takes most pics up to the reception is the way to go.


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