Ladies, are you ready to pop the question?

Leap Year proposal

Today, 29 February is traditionally the one day every four years when women can turn the tables and propose to their man. Personally, I’d be petrified to take the reins in this situation but at the same time I think it’s kind of a cool idea.

So many relationships these days are stunted by the woman feeling uncertain as to when or if her man is going to propose. It can often create strain in your partnership and make for a very unhappy woman – not something you want to mess with! If the woman proposing was more commonly practiced then perhaps this dilemma could be a thing of the past. Propose, and if he says no then you know it’s time to move on and not waste your time with him any longer.

On the flip side, a lady needs to be perceptive and not emotional in making this decision to ask. If it’s something that’s come up in conversation and he’s indicated that he needs a little more time then don’t push him to the point where he’ll have to break your heart. Take the opportunity to propose when you both know it’s time but your man needs you to be brave and make “the last move”.

We are politicians, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and in the army. We change light bulbs, fix the washing machine, drive by ourselves, go camping by ourselves, and raise little human beings by ourselves. Why not take the opportunity to propose and create a potentially beautiful union. The most difficult question should really be, who pays for the engagement ring?

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