In Studio: Ribbon’s own ‘Save-the-date’

A ‘Save-the-date’ for your wedding is an important part of organising the big day. Although I’m very late in posting this on the blog, it should be sent out to your guests at least 6 months before the time. For guests that will be travelling from overseas or even from other cities, it gives them enough time to consider their plans. It also acts as a security blanket for the possible delay of your invitations – if the invites take longer than you’d expected at least your guests are already aware of the date they need to save.

I also decided to include a link to an online RSVP form with our Save-the-date. The Save-the-date image was sent as an email attachment and the link to the RSVP form was included in the content or email note. Guests could follow the link and fill in “Yes, I’ll definitely be there”, “I am not sure yet” or “Sorry, I won’t make it”. The guests were also required to fill in their Postal Address.

This RSVP system worked wonders – I was already able to get an idea of numbers and planned only to send invites to those who were definitely or possibly attending. This is a great way to save costs on your invitations. It also made the admin of getting everyone’s postal addresses that much easier!

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