Wedding Venues: Imperfect Perfection

The location of your wedding sets the tone for all other aspects of the day – your theme, colours, vibe, food, attire. There’s a lot riding on this decision so be wise and perceptive. I began my search for our wedding venue even before we got engaged – I’m in the industry so it’s not that crazy! I didn’t visit many as I’d fallen in love with the setting of an old friend’s wedding photos on facebook. The appointment I made at Imperfect Perfection was actually only the day after I got engaged!

If you’re tired of the same ol’ venues with faux Tuscan architecture and wrought iron everything then Imperfect Perfection in Pretoria could be right for you. I have an artistic soul and mind and this venue filled every thread of canvas I was looking for. Noleen, owner and planner at Imperfect Perfection comes from a ballet background so has used her knowledge of set décor to bring the place to life. The venue is off-beat and rustic which is somehow so much more homely and heart-warming than great expanding halls of marble.

The contact I have had with the owners has been wonderful. They are willing to assist you in creating your vision rather than limiting you with the ‘rules and policies’. They also seem to be very hands-on when it comes to the day and days before, with full control and co-ordination on the day. Looking at these photos gives me such a chill of excitement for my upcoming day!

Photo Credits:

Carolien and Ben Photography

Jaco Dreyer Photography

Miracles Photography

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