Wedding Dress: My Top Tips

Here are some of my top tips for choosing the right Wedding dress:

1. Try to distinguish what’s in fashion and avoid it!

Choose something classic and timeless. There’s one way to date your wedding photographs and that’s to go with a style that is in fashion at the time. It may not be as obvious as the 80’s puffy sleeves so try to be discerning.


2. Choose what suits you

Don’t choose a dress because you saw a photo of a model (or even an ordinary person) wearing it and fell in love with it. What works for someone else may not work for you. You’ll know when trying on a dress if it’s ‘you’ or ‘you trying’.


3. Reasonable comfort is essential

There were a couple of dresses I tried on that were so snug around my upper body that I struggled to breathe and had back-ache after 10 minutes! How you feel in a dress adds to how you feel it looks. I’m not saying you should feel as comfy as you do in jammies on a dvd night but if it’s discomfort that you need to vocalize, then it’s too uncomfortable. I recently saw someone on the style network say that there’s nothing wrong with being a little uncomfortable on your wedding day – that how you look in the photos is what will be remembered, not how painful your feet felt. I beg to differ – you’ll remember how you snapped at your new hubby and how you didn’t feel like dancing any longer coz you felt antsy in your dress.


4. Alterations can be made

If you’re buying a dress from a reputable place, chances are they have a talented seamstress in the background. Don’t dismiss a dress because it doesn’t have straps or has an ugly flower somewhere. Ask the person assisting you to bring a piece of similar material to your dress and do a make-shift creation to help you make your decision.

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