Shoes: Anella Wedding Shoes

My chosen pair of Anella Wedding Shoes!

Finding the right pair of shoes for your wedding day can be even more difficult than finding the perfect dress. Somehow I never imagined this to be much of a headache until I began my search. I’m tall and my fiancé isn’t much taller than I so high heels were out. To make things more tricky, I decided I wanted navy blue shoes. Having non-white shoes is a great way to bring a little fun into your outfit. If you want to make a statement rather do so in the finer details like the shoes (an outrageous dress will be in all the photos!) So, navy blue, satin, kitty heel wedding shoes – my objective. I began at all the usual commercial shops in shopping malls; surprisingly blue shoes are in fashion but the royal blue colour. I probably came across 1-2 pairs of navy blue shoes but they were pumps and since I wear flat pumps often enough, I decided they wouldn’t quite do for such an important day.

I then wondered to online shoes shops – mostly UK based. I was able to find one or two pairs but they were pricey and shoes are something you need to try on before you buy them, especially when comfort is an important factor. I then moved on to the idea of buying white shoes and dying them navy blue. A friend told me about someone she knew who bought her shoes at Shoe City and spray painted them – desperate times! I felt more at ease with my new plan – white, low heel, satin shoes. Find suitable dye and be prepared to ruin the shoes with my inexperienced shoe-dying skills. Even Plan C was unsuccessful – shoes that are comfortable, not too high, pretty and white are few and far between.

When I had almost resorted to going hippie style with bare feet, I re-discovered Anella Wedding Shoes. I had seen the name on many Wedding dress websites but had never followed it up as the pictures were only of white shoes. A couple of days before I was to leave on a short trip to Cape Town, I read the ‘Tips on buying and wearing wedding shoes’ page on Anella’s website. I was delighted to read that all the shoes “can be professionally dyed in any color!” Finally, the answer which had in fact been staring me in the internet face all along.

I contacted Hanel, the Founder and Owner of Anella Wedding Shoes to find out more. Hanel is based in Somerset-West, Western Cape and even though she has 25 stockists in Pretoria and Johannesburg, I decided to visit the heart of the creations whilst on my mini-break to Cape Town. I wasn’t disappointed – Hanel is a lovely, warm and welcoming person who is clearly passionate about her business. Having been a “shoe-troubled” bride herself, Hanel knows exactly what is missing in the market. Anella shoes are beautiful; upon trying on the first pair I felt like a queen of the heavens! Each style has a different “personality” but all of them are classy and comfortable – something I had come to believe was impossible in a wedding shoe.

The shoes are affordable at R800 and come with black dye so that after your wedding you can get some “real-life” wear out of them – so clever! Hanel advised a gentleman in Wynberg, CT to do the dying of my shoes. I have left my gorgeous pair in the capable hands of my bridesmaid in Cape Town. Will follow up with pictures of my navy blue Anella wedding shoes!

Visit : to view Anella Wedding Shoes!


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